99 Names with Sheik Ghassan Manasra

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LAST CLASS — June 7  Class — Al Qayyum NEXT Al Wajid

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—- Participant Recommendations — ” The most beautiful tapestry is woven in Sheik Ghassan’s 99 Names and the Sufi Path class! Seeped in the tradition and knowledge of the ancient Sufi masters, sacred texts and music, Sheik Ghassan takes on a magical journey. Coupled with sharing our personal experience of practicing these most precious names, he catches us in the net of his heart where we share in this Divine feast.  This class has been a delight! ”

Through the 99 Name class, I appreciate knowing ‘without knowing’. I feel what Pir Vilayat pointed us towards ‘That which transpires behind what appears’.  Interestingly this revelation most often comes through those words of Ghassan that I don’t quite understand. And it comes through the reflections of the 99 Name work in the feelings and experiences of the other participants. When I am a desert, they bring the water.

” Sheik Ghassan takes us on a journey with the Beautiful Names. Each online meeting transports me from Australia to the room where this Abrahamic Reunion Peace-maker happens to be that week. Then we go on a second journey, broad and deep layers of meaning in each name unpacked, outlined and then filled in with the colors of history and tradition, and context in the form of story and metaphor. The third journey with each name is an inner one. Each week we practice together a new name and then repeat that name 20 times, twice a day – just a taste. The following week we are invited to reflect on our experience with that name, the seed of which was already within us. What happened when we watered that seed for a week? Sheik Ghassan takes us deeper with our reflections and we learn, not only from him but also from our self and from each other. This is a unique opportunity, a priceless pearl, an invitation to revisit and remember what has been forgotten. Ya Fattah! ”

Come to the garden of the Beautiful Names where the tulips, narcissus, and the hyacinths bloom. Like a spring rain, Ghassan brings a fresh perspective to the divine names that glistens with joy and sacredness. In the balancing of God’s names, the beauty and the power comes. As Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Make God a reality and God will make you the truth.” Come to the garden of the Beautiful Names!

8 thoughts on “99 Names with Sheik Ghassan Manasra

  1. Hello Ghassan,
    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. I am able to join the class via the recording – thank you. In 2017 I had the privilege of spending a week with you at the Sufi summer camp along with Shahabuddin.

    I have been practising Ar-Shahid since listening to the last class.
    I am wondering if you always chant/sing when repeating a Wasifa.
    I decided to do so myself and have found that it generates a lot of internal aliveness and connection with the subtle body. So thanks for the tip. I have been going down the scale from Crown to base chakra with each group of 5 repetitions.

    This is what has come to my mind – some words of Murshid Sam Lewis commenting on the Bowl of Saki March 1st..’.Nature speaks louder than the call from the minaret’

    Sam’s commentary: ” The call from the minaret is the call of human to human in the name of God, but in nature we find the call of God to the human in the Name of God, which is really the call of God to God in the Name of God…….Truly the music of God is everywhere…….”

    This is a little song which I like to sing

    The music of God is everywhere,
    The branches of the tree give a blessing
    The song of the birds is a call to prayer
    The call of God to God in the Name of God.

    Sent with love
    Mariam Mary Neil


    1. Mariam, Your comment as Ghassan might say, “This Is Very Deep”. I will physically hand him a print out of it. But I am uncertain how to integrate it into the next class. To me it has three parts: (1) The Singing/Chanting of the Name Question (2) Associated the practice of Chakra concentration with it. (3) And the biggest one of all the whole last half of your letter which is difficult to box in with a limited label. To me (1) and (2) are quick and easy to bring up in class. While (3) may need to be approached as an extra filmed discussion, possibly in a post class discussion. I know the reading of the poem/song will put him into a state which he often calls, ‘My self stolen away from my self or and becoming clear and clean.’ I will do what I can do. Thank you for your comment. — Shams


      1. Dear Shams, thanks for your reply. I have only just noticed it. I was able to join the class last Monday and I did notice your comment on my behalf re singing the Name and awakening the chakras. This week I will be absent so will have to settle for the recording!. I will write elsewhere about Al Haq.


  2. Dear Shams/Ghassan.

    When repeating Ya Haq I experimented with singing and speaking – it seemed more powerful when spoken, and spoken slowly, especially placing the ‘q’ in the solar plexus. After 20 repetitions my body seemed to take up the rhythm as I continued with Fikr .

    What did I learn/feel/taste?? What is God’s truth v. my truth?

    To invoke Al Haq is to discern/embody the truth; hold my truth; notice if I’m tempted to waver from my truth; be open to receive truth from whatever source and sometimes the truth hurts! I think for me that Al Haq was building on Ar-Raqib and Ash Shahid – in an ever expanding awareness of the activity of God within (as ) me.

    Much to ponder
    Hope this makes some sense!
    Sent with ove


  3. “A knowing of the truth. It is to live with complete trust in the process is to feel your way through life. Moment by moment. When you walk with faith you walk with feeling. You make decisions based on your delicate inner whispers, the energy that tugs at your heart and calls you towards what you love. ” (Connie Chapman )

    I came across this quote when looking for the familiar verse from Proverbs 3:Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

    I paired Ya Haqq and Ya Wakil.

    I think the understanding for me is in the idea of co-creating with the divine intention; being able to trust myself to act with wisdom and a feeling of being guided along the way. I have a particularly big family decision to make requiring a lot of trust that all will be for the best – am needing/wanting some loud whispers.!


  4. The words of HIK in the Gayan: ‘With trust in God, with good will, self-confidence, and a hopeful attitude towards life man/woman will always win his/her battle, however difficult.’
    This seemed appropriate to add.


  5. I am wondering : can I still suggest to friends to join these classes ? Or is it too late for that ?
    I prayed Aisha tonight and did ya qawii and all my other exercises , and ended up with a feeling how immensely blessed I am, how my life is improving and how many reasons there are to be happy. Not sure if this has anything to do with al qawii but it is certainly a kind of soft strength to be propelled and floated by gratitude to life and the great Protector and Restorer .


    1. Oh, by the way, this is Raziya /Astrid ( and my name given by Shaykha Amat un Nur means “ the one who is pleased with God”. It is a good happy name, grateful for that too )


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