99 Names and The Sufi Path with Sheik Ghassan Manasra

Ghassan is in the Mid-East until after Ramadan.
He thought it best we resume classes AFTER Ramadan.

USE THIS ZOOM LINK: https://zoom.us/j/136865284
Or go to zoom.us and add in the Meeting ID 136865284

Starting a New Series of Ten Names – – – PAYMENT TIME – – –
Class Fee: All the money raised goes to support the Manasra family.  Ghassan gives his 99 Names Classes in Groupings of 10 Names in 10 consecutive weeks.  The charge is $121 for the ten classes or $15 per occasion.  $121 for ten classes payment by PayPal or $15 per visit by Paypal Or checks to Ghassan Manasra / CO Gerry Scott /4721 Village Gardens Dr. / Sarasota, Fl 34234. If you have not yet received the password E-mail Shams at gerryscott@me.com

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 8.04.59 PM
—- Participant Recommendations — ” The most beautiful tapestry is woven in Sheik Ghassan’s 99 Names and the Sufi Path class! Seeped in the tradition and knowledge of the ancient Sufi masters, sacred texts and music, Sheik Ghassan takes on a magical journey. Coupled with sharing our personal experience of practicing these most precious names, he catches us in the net of his heart where we share in this Divine feast.  This class has been a delight! ”

Through the 99 Name class, I appreciate knowing ‘without knowing’. I feel what Pir Vilayat pointed us towards ‘That which transpires behind what appears’.  Interestingly this revelation most often comes through those words of Ghassan that I don’t quite understand. And it comes through the reflections of the 99 Name work in the feelings and experiences of the other participants. When I am a desert, they bring the water.

” Sheik Ghassan takes us on a journey with the Beautiful Names. Each online meeting transports me from Australia to the room where this Abrahamic Reunion Peace-maker happens to be that week. Then we go on a second journey, broad and deep layers of meaning in each name unpacked, outlined and then filled in with the colors of history and tradition, and context in the form of story and metaphor. The third journey with each name is an inner one. Each week we practice together a new name and then repeat that name 20 times, twice a day – just a taste. The following week we are invited to reflect on our experience with that name, the seed of which was already within us. What happened when we watered that seed for a week? Sheik Ghassan takes us deeper with our reflections and we learn, not only from him but also from our self and from each other. This is a unique opportunity, a priceless pearl, an invitation to revisit and remember what has been forgotten. Ya Fattah! ”

Come to the garden of the Beautiful Names where the tulips, narcissus, and the hyacinths bloom. Like a spring rain, Ghassan brings a fresh perspective to the divine names that glistens with joy and sacredness. In the balancing of God’s names, the beauty and the power comes. As Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “Make God a reality and God will make you the truth.” Come to the garden of the Beautiful Names!

Ghassan's Class Comments and Questions

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